Joseph R Ciras Project Assistance Services


As Mechanical engineer with experience in R&D, heavy metal manufacturing and education, Joe is capable of solving issues with auxilary equipment for gas turbines. Most of his career has been troubleshooting issues with gas turbine auxiliary equipment and with the fabrication of exhaust stacks. He has many years experience in the heavy metal fabrication industry. See the "About Me" page for more information on his background.

 History of Company:

Joseph R Ciras Project Assistance Services was established in 2006 because of a need to design and analyze a piece of auxiliary equipment for a gas turbine.  After the completion of this project, Joe saw the need to establish an organization that can service auxiliary equipment for large scale gas turbines by using his knowledge of Project Management, Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing, Axiomatic Design, Metal Fabrication, and studies in Reliability and Critical Uncertainties and Probabilities.  Equipment such as expansion joints, diffusers, exhaust stacks, and inlet systems have been overlooked in the overall reliability of a power plant.  Most reliability studies concentrate only on the performance of the turbine.  Joe would like to study the overall performance of the power generation system by looking at all aspects of the system.

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Project Management, Critical Uncertainties and Probabilities, Reliability, Site Inspections, Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing, Axiomatic Design, Metal Fabrication, Turbine exhaust diffusers, Turbine exhaust stacks, Turbine inlet systems.